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About House of Foods

We are full service food and beverage integration company that not only develops and markets its own brands, but we also work with existing companies seeking to develop their own brands.

House of Foods develops, markets and distributes food and beverage products that are innovative, healthy, environmentally sound, economically viable and upon which we build strong and trusted brands. 

Market Development and Distribution

Today House of Foods takes a new step into the world of natural fruit juices, and not in your typical geographical area! 
In collaboration with Natural Juices LLC from Uzbekistan we have developed some amazing natural sparkling fruit juices that are now being marketed in Uzbekistan . 
JIVY juices are made from locally grown fruits, and with its hint of fizziness it refreshes and quenches your thirst.

They come in a variety of amazing flavours, just like the ones above.

For the moment JIVY is only available in Uzbekistan, but will be launched throughout the CIS countries in the months to come.

Product development- Branding- Distribution

Our pies are made from fresh local ingredients that are slowly cooked until all the flavours have fully matured. We pack these wonderful recipes into a home made pastry, which is then baked to perfection assuring that you get a naturally preserved meal that’s easy to serve or eat on the go!

Product development- Branding- Distribution